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We’re living in an era where human activity is wiping entire species off of the planet every year. This current rapid decline of populations is referred to as The Sixth Era Of Mass Extinction.

Everybeing formed as a response — we’re a group of creatives, artists, entrepreneurs and animal lovers who care about our planet. So what do we do? We do what we do best — CREATE.


Our 1.3 Million Dollar Goal

That is the estimated cost it takes to save an endangered species yearly. Everybeing is creating original, limited edition works of art to be awarded to our patrons in an effort to fundraise $1.3 Million a year to protect endangered species on the verge of extinction. We feature a new artist annually who is commissioned in full to produce original art each month that speaks toward awareness and education for animals in danger.

The Best Part?

Through this shared arts initiative, we plan to raise an impactful measure of funding each year, report on where these funds are distributed and how they are used, and escalate the necessary awareness to fight for those who are unable to defend themselves. Because everyone matters. Every hand. Every wing. Every fin. Every paw. Everybeing.


Animal of The Year

In addition to highlighting twelve endangered species each year, Everybeing selects a featured animal to raise awareness for their specific needs.

In 2019, The Pygmy Three-toed Sloth is Everybeing’s animal of the year. These creatures are among the most critically endangered animals in the world. Take a moment to meet these beings and learn more about how humans stand to lose them if we don’t react quickly enough.


Make a Pledge For THOSE IN NEED

When you purchase limited edition Everybeing shirts, 100% of net proceeds go directly to organizations working on conservation efforts that are helping stop the sixth and support endangered species in need. You are also contributing to the health of our environment as each of our shirts uses yarn made from eight recycled plastic bottles. Please help us support animals in need and the artists who are bringing it all to life.