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Our team shares a passion for animals and a skill set for art. Combine these devotions and the result is a group on a mission to help improve the wellbeing of our planet. While art continues to thrive, the earth is fighting more climate challenges than ever before. We are continually approaching a time where we may lose many of our animal species forever.


Stopping The Sixth

The earth has suffered five mass extinction events in history which have eliminated millions of species and scientists believe that the sixth extinction is currently at hand. The difference now is this sixth extinction is caused by human activity. There are several factors involved stemming from ignorance in the name of progress, to our newfound learnings as the human species itself continues to evolve.

Known causes for our ecosystems’ deterioration include three major areas:


And, while there are additional factors to consider, the above fall directly within our control to improve IF we all work together to help reverse the cycle toward endangerment and extinction.

The importance of solving these issues weigh on us greatly as all species depend on one another. This can be seen as recently as the decline in the honeybee population whose pollination efforts account for up to one-third of our food supply, and the decline in the polar bear population which leads to an increased seal population, furthering the reduction of the world’s fish.


These are just two examples of the vast network effects which can be improved but it will take human action to counter the damage we’ve already intensified.

If we continue on the same path, within our children’s lifetime, we increase the potential to reduce the earth’s species by another 75%. Without raising awareness thousands more will forever be lost to our children and future generations.


Make a Pledge For those in need

When you purchase limited edition Everybeing shirts, 100% of net proceeds go directly to organizations working on conservation efforts that are helping stop the sixth and support endangered species in need. You are also contributing to the health of our environment as each of our shirts uses yarn made from eight recycled plastic bottles. Please help us support animals in need and the artists who are bringing it all to life.